• Menzio GmbH

    Den Wind erkennen

    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

    Reconnaître le vent

With our LiDAR of the type WINDCUBE of the manufacturer Leosphere we conduct precise measurement of the wind field.

 LiDAR Windcube v2


Possibilities of LiDAR-Meassurements:

  • Analysis of the wind field in complex terrain
  • Wind measurements in accordance with TR6 for bankable assessments
  • Power curve measurement
  • Wind farm optimisation (e. g. for the detection of yaw misalignment)
  • FCR-correction (Flow Complexity Recognition)


Flexible, well-priced meassurement campaign

  • Measurements at up to 290 m height above ground
  • Mobile measurement system
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optimisation of LiDAR location with our CFD-Software WindStation