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Analysis of crosswinds

By simulating crosswind conditions with our inhouse CFD-Software WindStation along railway tracks or cableways, we contribute to the operational safety of high-speed tracks or alpine gondolas.
CFD Seitenwind Stadt
High-resolution 3D-wind field simulations with WindStation
  • Simulation of specific flow conditions in urban or rural areas
  • Crosswind and velocity pressure analysis for railways or power lines
  • Integration of meso-scale data or wind measurements by model nesting
  • Simulation of single inflow conditions or extreme winds
Seitenwind Schwebebahn
Case study overhead railway in Wuppertal, Germany
  • Determination of the lateral movement of the railway cabins due to crosswinds
  • Consideration of urban constructions and the course of the railway
  • Enhanced lateral deflection due to a combination of channeled winds and characteristics of the course of the railway (e.g. S-curves)