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    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

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TR6 conform, bankable wind and energy yield assessments

TR6 conform, bankable wind and energy yield assessments

With our CFD-software WindStation we prepare bankable wind and energy yield assessments according to the German guideline TR6 and the measnet guideline for on- and offshore sites. We are accreditated by the German accreditation body DAkkS and a member with voting-power of the wind experts gremium of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE).

Also contact us concerning wind potential maps, energy yield calculations for small wind turbines as well as energy yield optimisations of your wind farm.

Data basis
  • Measuring data: LiDAR, SODAR, wind measuring mast (incl. long term referencing)
  • Meso-scale data: ERA5, MERRA-2
  • Energy yield data: SCADA-data or monthly energy yields
  • Terrain (SRTM) and land use data (CORINE)
  • Site visits according to TR6
CFD simulations with WindStation
  • High resolution simulations perfect for complex and forested areas
  • Consideration of the atmospheric stability (Monin-Obukhov length)
  • Consideration of terrain and land use
  • Different turbulence models
  • Saving of simulation time using model nesting
  • Validation with wind measuring and energy yield data
Calculation of energy yield
  • Energy yields for free stream conditions (gross) with WindPRO or WindStation
  • Energy yields incl. wind farm losses (net) with WindPRO or WindStation
  • Determination of losses (bad and bird protection, noise, shadow, sector management)
  • Calculation of uncertainties and technical losses according to TR6 Rev. 11
  • Exceeding propability/percentiles (P50-, P75-value,…)