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    Den Wind erkennen

    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

    Reconnaître le vent

TR6 conform, bankable wind and energy yield assessments

Data basis

  • Measuring data: LiDAR, SODAR, wind measuring mast (incl. long term referencing)
  • Meso-scale data: ERA5, MERRA-2, ConWx
  • Energy yield data: time series of SCADA data with high resolution or monthly energy yield data
  • Terrain (SRTM) and land use data (CORINE)
  • Site visit according to TR6

CFD simulations with our software WindStation

  • High resolution simulations perfect for complex and forested areas
  • Consideration of the atmospheric stability (Monin-Obukhov length)
  • Consideration of terrain and land use
  • Different turbulence models
  • Saving of simulation time using model nesting
  • Validation with wind measuring and energy yield data

Calculation of energy yield

  • Energy yield calculation for free stream conditions (gross) with WindPRO or WindStation
  • Calculation of energy yields incl. wind farm losses with WindPRO or WindStation (net)
  • Determination of losses (bad and bird protection, noise, shadow, sector management
  • Technical losses according to TR6 Revision 10

Determination of uncertainties

  • Consideration of partial uncertainties according to TR6
  • Calculation of exceeding probabilities/percentiles (P50, P75 value,…)

We also offer

  • Wind potential maps
  • Calculation of energy yields for small wind turbines
  • Analyses and optimisation of energy yields of your operating wind farm