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"Amprion GmbH is one of the four German transmission network operators. The company is responsible for approximately 11'000 km high voltage lines. The capacity of the network can be enhanced by monitoring weather conditions during operation. For this purpose, menzio GmbH delivers meteorological site-specific data and expert reports to determine the best position for the weather sensors of the mesuring network."
"Westnetz GmbH based in Dortmund is the distribution network operator for electricity and gas in western Germany. The company is a 100-percent subsidiary company of Westenergie AG. Westnetz operates with 5'800 employees a high amount of networks of different owners. Within Westenergie AG Westnetz is responsible for planning, constructing, maintenance and operation of 175'000 km of elecetricity lines and 24'000 km of gas pipes. Westnetz supports the transition of the energy sector in Germany with a future-oriented expansion and modification of the networks as well as numerous innovative projects. On behalf of Westnetz, menzio GmbH simulated with its inhouse CFD-software WindStation site-specific meteorological parameters for selected extreme wind events.“