• Menzio GmbH

    Den Wind erkennen

    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

    Reconnaître le vent

Enhancing energy yields by optimising the sector management of wind turbines based on CFD simulations and SCADA data


Are your wind turbines concerned by a wind sector management due to enhanced turbulence intensity?

  • We check your BImSchG permission for operational limitations
  • We determine the potential of optimising your operating wind turbines.

SCADA data and “WindStation“ CFD

  • We reliably analyse your SCADA data.
  • Our innovative CFD software “WindStation“ accurately forecasts the real wind conditions at your site.
  • New methods and precise site data guarantee a validated evaluation of the effective turbulence intensity in your wind farm.
  • We prepare a new and validated turbulence assessment for your project or/and conduct a site suitability assessment for the amendment of your existing operation permission.

How much additional energy yield can you expect?

  • Additional energy yield for an ENERCON E-101 with 135 m hub height: 2,5 %
  • Optimised utilisation of your turbine‘s design.
  • Enhancing energy yields while reducing operational loads.