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    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

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    Reconnaître le vent

Knowing which way the wind is blowing - menzio GmbH

The international team of experts of menzio GmbH is specialised in simulating and measuring the wind to determine and optimise energy yield of on- and offshore wind farms as well as to evaluate wind conditions in urban environments. Furthermore, the in house CFD software WindStation is successfully used and developed for dynamic line rating of electric utilities as well as analysing crosswind conditions along railway tracks.

Energy yield assessments
Emission assessments
Due diligence
With our CFD-software WindStation we offer a professional tool for simulating the wind field and wind farm ener­gy yield. You are welcome to test WindStation without functionality restrictions.
Combining CFD-simulations, measuring, energy yield and meso-scale data we prepare bankable and TR6-conform energy yield assess­ments for on- and offshore sites.
We prepare assessments for noise emissions and shadow flicker as well as site suitability and turbulence according to legal require­ments (BImSchG). We also determine visibility and optical impacts of wind farms.
We evaluate and optimise the performance of your wind farm including analyses of SCADA-data. We check your permit documents as well as contracts for grid connection and operation management.
LiDAR measurements
Dynamic line rating
Analyses of crosswind
Fire & dispersion simulation
With our LiDAR device of type Windcube v2 we conduct wind measurements up to heights of 200 m. Using remote monitoring we offer a cost-effective support for your measuring campaign.
Based on CFD-simulations with our software WindStation, we calculated the maximum transmission capacity using the Cigré model and the guide line VDE-AR-N 4210-5.
Simulating crosswind conditions along railway tracks or cableways, we contribute to the operational safety of high-speed tracks or alpine gondolas.
By connecting our CFD-software WindStation with the models FireStation and CALLPUFF we offer a customised solutions for fire pro­paga­tion and pollution dis­persion modell­ing.