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Forest fire & dispersion simulation

By connecting our inhouse CFD-software WindStation with the model FireStation of ADAI (Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics) we offer customised solutions for forest and wild fire propagation and pollution dispersion modelling.
CFD FireStation wild fire
Fire propagation
  • Vegetation and moisture maps, fuel properties (particle size, fuel load, fuel depth, ...) serve as input data
  • Wind speed and direction are simulated by our CFD-software WindStation
  • Simulation of forest fire spread and heat release rate, fire line and depth intensity as well as flame length
  • Integration of Rothermel's model (propagation speed), Ellipse type models (fire shape) and Dijkstra's algorithm (fire growth)
WindStation air pollution
Pollution dispersion
  • Simulation of the wind field by the CFD-software WindStation including terrain, vegetation and atmospheric stability effects
  • Consideration of urban and industrial constructions by using the obstacle model of WindStation
  • Definition of one or many emission sites (pollution sources)
  • Monitoring of pollutant concentrations at immission sites