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Offshore services

In cooperation with our partner FAKON Wind GmbH we offer numerous services for planning and operation of offshore wind farms.
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Offshore WTG
  • Measurements of wind speed and swell within the framework of feasibility studies
  • Optimisation of turbine design and foundation structures
  • Preparation of accredited, bankable wind and energy yield assessments according to the German guideline of TR6
  • Determination of wake losses (Actuator Disc Model)
  • Optimisation of the wind farm layout (micrositing)
  • Consultancy regarding grid connection
  • Project management
Offshore ship
  • Verification of structural load calculations using current operational data
  • Calculation of fatigue loads
  • Prognosis of the remaing turbine lifetime
  • Determination of refundable energy losses due to feed-in management (EinsMan) and operational failures
  • Analysis of the performance of single wind turbines and the whole wind farm
  • Inspection of technical damages and assessment of insured losses
  • Due diligence