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    Den Wind erkennen

    Knowing which way the wind is blowing

    Entendemos el viento

    Reconnaître le vent

Monitoring of Overhead Lines

Weather-based monitoring systems for overhead lines optimise the transmission capacity.

Menzio analyses overhead lines in two reference projects about adaptive monitoring systems in order to identify meteorologically and technically induced „hot-spots“.

 The key features of our services are:

  • GIS analysis of the overhead line’s height profile based on high resolution terrain data
  • Wind, temperature, and radiation data in high resolution
  • Transfer of the meteorological data to the overhead line’s layout and profile in complex terrain applying a high resolution CFD-flow model
  • Provision of multi-year meteorological time series in high temporal resolution for arbitrary sections of the overhead line
  • Combined consideration of technical and meteorological influencing factors
  • Detailed analysis of the maximum transmission capacity with the Cigré model according VDE-AR-N 4210-5 guideline
  • Identification of local „hot-spots“
  • Application to high- and middle- overhead lines in Europe
  • Determination of the probability of exceeding the lines capacity under permanent load

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Supplementary grid calculations and studies

In cooperation with menzio GmbH, we offer supplementary grid calculations and studies in order to solve technical and technical-economic problems related to overhead line monitoring.

These studies particularly include:

  • The preparation/extension of load flow models of analysed extra high-voltage and high-voltage power systems
  • Goal-oriented parameterisation, exe-cution and evaluation of grid calculations in order to solve essential problems in terms of increased transmission capability, particularly in regard of the following issues:
    • Ensure a safe and selective grid protection and avoid hyper-function
    • Ensure voltage stability
    • Mastery of n-1 and n-2 cases
    • Avoid re-dispatch measures in connection with increased transmission capability and corresponding cost savings
  • Development of approaches in order to ensure a safe and stable grid operation while using adaptive overhead line monitoring

Our company can look back on several years of experience in the field of grid calculations in different voltage levels, including transmission systems. Together with menzio GmbH, we are pleased to submit a suitable offer for you.